Doing just a little insurance homework can go a long way towards helping you save money and time. Think of the Learning Center as your study guide — designed to answer your questions and help you get the most of your auto insurance policy. And if you don’t remember every last word, we understand.

Insurance FAQs
There’s a lot to know about insurance and how each product differs. Here you can find answers to basic and advanced insurance questions on your quote, your potential savings, your coverage options, and your claims support.

Auto insurance glossary (now with less jargon!)
There’s no denying it — car insurance is a minefield of complicated and confusing terminology. This glossary can help un-jargon some of the most ambiguous terms you’ll come across.

Coverage Counselor
Think of the Coverage Counselor® as a technologically advanced customer service rep. This interactive tool can help you find the coverage levels that fit your needs. And once you’ve finished, you can get a quote with its suggested coverages — right from the tool — online or over the phone.

Esurance tips and insights
Remember what your first softball coach always said about car insurance? We don’t either. But as industry insiders, we’ve compiled a wealth of informative articles on everything insurance-related. Find out how companies determine your insurance rates, learn which cars are the greenest, and get advice on numerous other insurance products as well.

In addition to these general guides, you might also check out the state-by-state insights to learn about mandatory and optional coverages (plus discounts) in your neck of the woods.

Safety tips for drivers
Prep yourself for whatever the road (or your car) throws your way. Here you’ll find helpful how-to guides alongside tips on handling a bundle of driving dangers — from text messages to hurricanes.

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